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President Biden’s ‘Green Book’ tax reforms: Implications for U.S. citizens in Australia and Australians in the U.S.

Terry Hoban and Noelle Abella discuss how the proposed tax reforms addressed in the U.S. Treasury Department “Green Book” may impact U.S. individual income taxpayers if enacted.

The United States (U.S.) Treasury Department released its first Treasury ‘Green Book’ last Friday 28 May 2021, unveiling further details on the tax proposals that President Joe Biden had described in his FY2022 fiscal year budget. See related article: Tax proposals in Biden Administration’s budget for 2022 financial year While President Biden’s plans have yet to hit the Congress floor, the current proposals remain broadly aligned with the announcements set out in his American Families Plan ...

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Authors: Terry Hoban, Noelle Abella

Published Date: 04 June 2021

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